Our Vision & Mission


As Flowers Cosmetic, we have committed to “continually ensure the absolute satisfaction of the customer” and to make the understanding of quality a “standard” in every department, including the process from the design of the product to its delivery to the customer.

Being aware of the fact that the way to satisfy our customers is to ensure the happiness and satisfaction of our employees, we provide our employees with the best working environment and provide trainings to continuously improve them. It is among our goals to reduce our costs, increase our efficiency and accordingly our long-term profitability, secure our future and continue to work in mutual cooperation and trust with our suppliers.

Our quality is our future… and we care about our future…

While managing these, we also make all necessary investments to keep environmental awareness both in the company culture and in the minds of our employees, and we continue our efforts to obtain the relevant certificates.


Flowers Cosmetic aims to be a company that offers its employees a working environment open to communication, ensures the continuity of customer satisfaction, is responsible to the society and attaches importance to ethical values, and always aims for success. Our company has undertaken the mission of being a stable company that is trusted by its customers, collaborators and employees through a management approach that cares about the knowledge, skills and competencies of its employees and strives to reveal their potential.